Facebook investors are having doubt about facebook's future progress. But now a day facebook users increases rapidly therefore you never look down to facebook. Everyone uses facebook, from children to elders, in that most of facebook users are youngsters.near about 25% of facebook users play online games.

Therefore companies, who make game applications take it seriously to make a game apps for social networking sites and think over smart phone and tablet. 23.5crore users play games on facebook. In future, both facebook  and game developer will get more benefit from it. Online game users are rapidly increasing therefore these full eco-system is responsible for that.

most popular games on facebook
Facebook Games

Farmvalle and Zag Poker are most popular games on facebook.zang company started to develop game, those can be played on facebook. They are also available on android and iPhone.UBI soft and electronic arts (EA) have also started to develop games for facebook.
Facebook also started one apps center. In this apps center you can find number of social, casual, arcade and many more games will be made available. New interesting games in upcoming few years will be to users make other than recent games. They are trying to make available all games not only for desktop users, also for mobile and tablet users.

In upcoming years, you should not be surprised when lots of games will be available. Therefore one of future attractions on facebook is games 

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