How to add facebook profile picture from pc or webcam?

During the process of the sign up or creating a new facebook account , if you are left the uploading your profile photo. Go with following steps to upload a new facebook profile photo. You can just upload your own photo to your profile or upload your favorite person like any sports person, actor/ actress or any one. How can I add to my facebook profile?

Steps to add profile picture on your facebook account

  • First login to your facebook account. Go to address, the login your facebook account using your mail account and desired password which is you chosen.
  • After loged in your account, you can see the following window.
facebook profile
  • Go to your profile or just click on the red box give in the above picture.
  • After clicking on your facebook profile you see new window open. There are lots of options are available like Add Profile Picture, Add a cover, Add work and so on.
  • Click to Add Profle Picture

add profile picture to facebook

  • Two options are available take Photo and upload Photo
  • Take Photo: means you can take a photo from your webcam of the laptop or pc
  • Upload Photo: Second one is upload photo you can just upload a photo from your pc or laptops
Take a profile Photo
take a profile photo from webcam

  • Select the desire Adobe Flash Player Settings, then click on Set as Profile Picture
Upload Photo
  • If you choose second option i.e. upload photo
  • New window for browsing file opens. Choose the desire location of your photo saved. Then click on open
upload facebook profile photo from your pc

  • After clicking on open, wait for few seconds. You can see the Profile picture on facebook appears successfully. 
  •  Now you can see the profile picture is appear on your facebook profile page.

    facebook profile photo

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