How to type post and comment in Marathi on facebook?

Write facebook in marathi
Are you looking for type in Marathi on your facebook wall, then this post give you more details regarding the typing in Marathi on Many of you can go through the MS office to type any content in Marathi. After typing in Marathi you can just copy-paste. It is more completed. Go to or leave your facebook window and type in facebook (copy-paste). When you just type on your keyboard and got wall post or comment in Marathi. What you thing now? Let’s start typing in Marathi on your facebook wall. Just follow some steps and start writing in Marathi.
World’s most popular and biggest software and Internet industry and biggest search engine is Google. They have provided on simple software under the Input Tools for Windows. This tool convert your English letters in respective or you selected Language. You can just type in respective words in your language. This Tool is available for different languages, near about 22.

Some Features of Google Input Tools for Windows

Offline Support:
IF you first download and installed on your windows system. Then it can work without intenet connection.
Easy Keyboard
It can automatically insert the complex or rare word because it is dictionary-enabled.
Quick Search
Cool Customization and so many features are available.

How to Install Marathi font or type on facebook? (With Snapshot)

Follow the simple steps to type in Marathi on your facebook wall and everywhere.
Google Input Tool for Windows

  • You can see the above window. Just click on the Download. You can this new window.

  • You see that Opening Input Tool Setup.exe file. Click on the "Save File"
Download Input Tool Setup exe
  • After saving the file or see in the downloads, one exe file is saved with named "InputToolsSetup.exe" Just double click on that file. 
  • Note: Do not Disconnect your internet connection because this file runs through or setup runs through the Internet.
  • Lastly wait for completing the setup. After competing the setup just look at your task bar of Windows one new option is there that is generally "EN"
EN in Task bar
  •  Now Just click on that EN. You can found two options are available that are 
    • EN English (United States)
    • MA Marathi (India)
  • Note: It install only for One time, no need to install again just follow following steps to convert Marathi to English, English to Marathi

Google Windows Tool
  • Now Just Click on "MA Marathi (India)". Now go to your facebook wall or comment on any other friends in Marathi.
  • IF you want to retire this again in English then simple just go with EN and Click on EN English (United States)
  • Try your facebook in Marathi. Now You can type other applications like in MS Office and other using the same 

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