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Social networking is a means through which peoples connect with each other. Many a times unknown peoples from different countries also connect. People exchange their thought, likings, deed etc. through this medium. It is the best way to be in touch with our friends. There are lot of social networking sites but facebook is most liked. It is most popular between peoples of age 14 to 50 years old. It has maximum number of users than any other social networking sites.

Now-a-days, celebrities can reach their fans through twitter and facebook. It is an easy way to attach or to communicate with their fans. Advances in technology have helped us to remain in touch with family and friends. One can tell what is going on in his life just by updating facebook status.

Social networking sites are also good source of knowledge. Many writers publish their stories, articles on facebook. There are many general knowledge pages which provide with lot of information through daily updates. You just need to like them. Many people upload songs, videos, images etc.
It severs as a medium to create mass awareness. It connects whole world together. When someone posts anything and shares it, it spreads like fire to millions of people as it gets shared between friends and then their friends and this goes on.

Researches are also conducted by many scientists to know why people love facebook. According to research when anyone sings in to facebook their experience is similar to listening songs or drawing painting. So like a song which remains at the back of your mind peoples are tempted to log in to facebook again and again. This causes mental and physical changes in brain and people get addicted to facebook.

Now-a-days, are busy in their works or often have to work in different regions they don’t have time to meet their friends. This is where facebook comes into picture. It provides costless communication between two peoples any distance apart. They can come online and chat.

Social networking sites provide services free of cost that’s why social networking sites have become extremely popular. Using news feed you can share any things with others. Youngster stick to facebook because of services like chat, news feed, groups etc. Moreover you can send greeting cards, writing stories or play games.

Social networking sites have brought the world together.

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