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Facebook messenger
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 Facebook has declared first to open this by using the messenger in the phone by phone numbers or name and also without using any facebook account. At the beginning the messenger for android app and then its iOS image that may accommodate sign ups from non facebook users just a name or even the phone numbers. Here, facebook seems to have understood the fixed arrival of Messenger and has wanted to let anyone message his friends whether they have joined facebook or not. People of many countries have begun this process with the Android app. Such as: India, Australia, Indonesia, South Africa, Venezuela and some parts of world. Though, Facebook has no time level when anyone wants to open this, messenger for iOS may take name or phone number for signing up. Peter Deng who is Facebook mobile product manager, publish this update on the web.

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Advantages of using messenger:

At the time of sign up non facebook users, the app may suck in their contacts. After that, the contacts may be selected by the names to start chat or group message. The stretch arrival may help facebook challenges message as well as the third party, free texting apps like the Pinger or the Whats-App that all of us know facebook has been gaining. The messenger is free in the Android phone which gives advantages in the communication apps.The users need to pay for giving message or photos by getting the non users on the messenger. The messenger is fully private and doesn’t depend on any other products of the facebook, so none can expect non- facebook users version app there.  Now-a-days instead of opening a full profile, maintaining the privacy and holding relationships in the facebook, one may use the messenger there. This is an easy and safe way to communicate with the friends because it doesn’t get charges for giving SMS. If anyone understands the advantages of the messenger, he will make surely an account there.

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Today facebook may give more difficulties to control the products of it but using the messenger one can easily communicate with their friends and they need not hold the problems. It helps a user to use them like a facebook account which separate from the facebook. This non facebook messenger has become very popular to all now.

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