What is confession book? Till now we have only heard about confession box in the church but the recent trend in the virtual world is of confession page on social networking site Facebook. It’s really difficult to say were all this started, but it’s been a huge hit on Facebook.  Peoples confess about their felling, revel their secret, share their pranks etc. best thing is that no one comes to know your name.

Facebook Confession

Confession page has been major hit amongst youngsters. You can find every college’s confession page on Facebook. Most of the confessions are on love. It’s very common to see below confessions on every confession page.

Me n my best friend had crush on a same guy.... I fought with my best friend n stopped talking to her... Later I proposed that boy n went in relationship with him... After a while that guy ditched me n we broke up... I lost both my best friend n my love... I want to say sorry to my best friend by confessing this...
Dear i love u frm the first day whn u entered in the clg, u r the most beautiful ND gorgeous girl i ever seen that cute smile of yours always makes me crazy......

Confession page has been major hit around the circle. If you want to search your college confession page then just put your college name xxxxconfesions. You will even find pages on different department.

Lookout of confession page

When you visit any confession page the first thing you see is Google document link. After clicking on this link a text box appears. Two boxes will pop up in front of you. First one is the confession box, you can write your confession here. In the second box you can either write your name or class. After submitting yhe confession it goes to the farm page admin. Admin identity is kept secret. It’s on the admin to decide whether to post it or not. Admin then attaches the” #” tag and gives the number to confession post and posts it on the confession page.

If you read the page description it shows that your name will be kept secret but when you submit your confession all your info is recorded into Google Drive. Don’t worry! Your e-mail id, time of confession and your name is kept secret. Identity of the admin is kept secret. Admin checks for inappropriate words before posting the confession.

These pages are only intended for fun. Sometimes when someone new posts he mistakenly posts on his wall and everyone comes to know about him. Peoples write comments that are fun to read.
If you have any confession to make without getting ashamed then confession page is the best platform. It’s a good way to let someone know about your felling for that person. So start making your confessions.

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