Now days everyone loves to join and chat with their friend on social networking sites especially on Facebook. Newly joined or new internet surfers do not care about password. But you should care about your passwords because someone’s eye on you. This article provides you about How to create a strong password on Facebook? Find latest tips and tricks to prevent your account from attackers.

Facebook Password
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  • Firstly you do not create your password in sequence of repeated characters such as “abcdefg” or “123456” or “777777”
  •  You must avoid dictionary words from any language
  •  Use some Phrases and Sentence and choose their first word of each in lower case and upper case.
e.g try to find my password, it may be TtfMp

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  • Put some number s and special characters ($,#,@,&…) to make your password more stronger.
e.g If you are using numbers then above password became Ttf34Mp or if you use special character then TtfM$$@p.
  • If you are used combination of special character and number then it will more default to crack.
  •  Most of persons choose their password as their user name. Don’t make this mistake. Choose your password and user name different
  •  Do not use your family name, nick name, mobile number etc.. To make your password it is easy to break it.

If have any doubt regarding creating your password then place in comments, we will try to solve your problem.

We got new tips and tricks then we update it. Keep visiting on Facebook New Account to get more Facebook Tricks and use it safely.

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