More than any other social media networking site, Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook has been successful in capturing the highest number of social visitors (Currently more than 1 billion people are using facebook). Still Facebook Inc is in a hunt to capture more audience and to completely outclass their competitors. For this reason facebook is focusing on different ways to attract mobile users. Earlier there were some strong humors that Facebook is going to launch a mobile phone, however with the recent release of “Facebook Home” all such humors have been broken away. Now everyone knows that Facebook home is a mobile App rather than a mobile phone.
Latest android app for facebook

What is Facebook Home and how it is different?

Facebook Home is an android app that will help mobile users to connect to facebook. Here the question arises what is the difference among Facebook Home and accessing built in facebook messengers used on various mobile devices or browsing facebook page on mobile? Facebook home is forecasted to be one of the handy android apps that will drive more mobile users to use facebook. Following are some features of Facebook Home.

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1. Cover Feed

Facebook Home newsfeed is named as cover feed, however it has something really incredible than the normal news feed. Cover feed shows the status updates of friends on your mobile screen. So now you don’t have to browse facebook within mobile search engine and to scroll down to see the updates. Whenever you will switch on your mobile phone you will see facebook feed running on the background of your mobile screen, keep connecting you with your friends all the time.

2.Chat Heads

Chat heads are the profile photos of your friends that will pop up your screen every time you chat with your friends. For Facebook home, latest chat heads are replaced by hefty chat sidebar. Chat heads are smart and cool; and they are running all the time when you are browse to web or watching videos.

3. App Launcher

When we talk about facebook cover feed so the question that comes to mind is that how to access apps stored on the mobile phone as mobile screen is flourished by the cover feed. Here comes the Facebook app launcher. App launcher allows you to open stored apps by clicking on the profile picture. When you will click on your profile photo a small box will appear that will take you to the apps. From there you can select, add, delete and organize all the apps. This cool & elegant feature has made facebook home more eye-catching to use.

These three prominent features of facebook home app are very smart & exciting. With facebook home android app you would be able mingle up with your friends 24/7. This can be very helpful for people who love to network, for business who want to focus on customer care & customer support; and for family & friends members who wants to be at the touch closer to their love ones. Therefore if you really want to build up a social junction and enjoy the company of your beloved ones: install facebook home and be closer to their hearts. 

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