Enhance Facebook experience with Smart Apps

Over 1 billion people around the globe prefer "Facebook" as social networking sites.Facebook has integrated many features to improve user interface.Facebook has also developed its own app but still there are certain features that are really hectic to use like chatting.There are many apps that will help you enhance your Facebook experience.

nimbuzz logo
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Nimbuzz was started as instant messaging integrator and soon became very popular among Facebook users.This app is also available for download on mobile,computer and feature phone.It also houses voice and video call feature that can be used between two Nimbuzz users.Voice call can be made from PC,Android,IOS,Symbian platforms and video calls can be made through PC and IOS platform.Nimbuzz is mostly used for chatting.

Most of us like create groups among our friends.Ovu Mobile provides you a way to share with your friends or chat with them amongst your group.You can also video chat with your group.It supports simultaneous video chat between 12 contacts.Ovu app can be downloaded for smartphone and desktop. It also has a feature through which you can chat with your Facebook friends and Twitter followers.This app is very useful for chatting with your group contacts.

Talkatone logo
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Talkatone is the app that helps you save data charges on your phone.Talkatone is available for Android and IOS users and can be downloaded from Play Store.This app provides free voice call and messaging service.Moreover you can be integrated with Facebook and Google plus for chatting with friends.It also shows location of other app user.The only problem of this app is it does not block adds and they pop-up at any time causing inconvenience.

FaceTime logo
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FaceTime can be used on every Apple device.It has simple UI and is most easy to use for video calls among all other apps.Calls can be made only between Apple users.All you need to have is others Apple id or phone number.Also other person should also have your number in his contact list.You can make video call at just one click.

Facebook chat
Facebook Chat logo
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"Facebook chat" app helps you to chat with your friends without actual need to open your Facebook home page.This app helps you save time and data charge.It is available for all platforms from Android to simple feature phone.You only need to log in with your Facebook account to start chatting with your friends.  

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