Pinterest is the fastest growing social network in recent months in the United States, becoming the third favorite social network by users in this country, completing the podium led by Facebook and then Twitter, Google+ and leaving in fourth place, according A recent report by the specialized website Experian.
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According to Experian's report highlights (and agrees Google Ad Planner), has developed an interesting Pinterest U.S. growth: in December 2011 and was part of the top 10 social networks, and since January this year, surpassed Google + and Tumblr. During February "Pinterest received nearly 17.8 million unique visitors. On average, each user spent 89 minutes on the network during the month, "negligible averages for a social network.

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‘Pinterest’ is a social network that is characterized by shared web images organized according to user interest, which divides them into categories and share them with friends, as well as those with their own to create the exchange. It was created by ‘Paul Sciarra’, ‘Evan Sharp’ and ‘Ben Silbermann’ in 2009, and launched in beta in March 2010, receiving rave reviews and received by users. Time magazine chose Pinterest as one of the 50 best websites of 2011.

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Also, like other social networks, Pinterest comes with its own dress code. Here are some steps known (by specialized blog Flowntown ) for proper use of this emerging social network, and that millions call "the social network in 2012."

1) Deputy source correctly selected images

As the use of images is the "key" to Pinterest, you should always attach the original link. Do not link images like "Google" (Google Images) but uses the user and the website that the rose.

2) Do not generate incorrect links

A problem that often occurs in the use of the links on Pinterest is when users include them incorrectly, and so deliberately, so that the click, the user is redirected to a website but unrelated searches visits, which are also seen as new entrants to this site.

3) Write a caption correct descriptive

The descriptive caption for each image is helpful to you and your fellow readers. Identification for the image. Note: do not abuse advertising content in these captions.

4) With whom I share my "pins"

Remember that you can sync your Pinterest account with Facebook and Twitter, so sharing here your followers will see it in the other social networks, and to be able to share if they wish. You must choose your links in the best way. You are the judge of the fate of your "pins".

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5) Interact but not bored

Pinterest, like any social network, is based on the interaction, to share our tastes and interests. You should generate communication and build bridges with other users. Remember to use the "Like" on other people's posts and stay tuned to the comments with your links and you do in those of your peers. For God's sake, do not stun with content, watch your comments and not share anything (pin it). Generates a field of interest, a round trip.

6) Offensive

A social network depends on what you provide your users, the formation of a community of communities. Therefore, you have to feed it. The sharing of content can fall into excesses, and even sometimes in the so-called offensive. To report these, click the "report pin" link in the sidebar to the right of publication.

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