Twitter that has been a source of great breaking news that compels users to ditch conventional source of newspapers. However, similar to other social networking sites, it is very easy to fall down in a storm of random unwanted information from which you need to put in keywords or hashtags to get the desired information isolated. Although, search option has been present in Twitter for a long time, but the company upgraded this feature to make it more meaningful and allow users to get valuable results based on their search.

Improvements in Search Feature by Twitter

From the data released about the roll out of the new update to the search feature of Twitter, 3 noteworthy changes have been seen in the organization and layout of the dashboard for search results on Twitter.

Categorized Stream of Results Isolated in Separate Boxes

Apart from the ability to view all the results of a search based on the search query of user in a single stream, the types of post can be separated into two categories, photos and people. Apart from the tweets showcased with the words searched for, a separate area in the form of a box is provided to view twitter handles having the label People.

For users interested to view media content, there is a separate area for displaying photos related to the search query that is added after the top tweet related to the search. The next tweet result according to the search query is shown below the area dedicated for media content.

Improved Search Bar

The feature for predicting the search queries immediately after a user enters at least a character in the search bar has been improved in this new update. The predictions provide the user suggestions for phrases or a handle for a twitter account along with user’s relation to the suggestion is displayed immediately in a list below the search bar. In case, you have no following related to the handles predicted, only the username appears in the list. Also, check on an empty bar provides a list of recent and saved searches by the user.

Twitter Experince

Recent and Saved Searches

The feature with the ability to save searches made by a user has been around for a while, but the feature to show recent searches in the list is a recent addition. A search made by the user can be saved by simply clicking on the settings/gear icon appearing at the top right corner of the stream of search results.

Final Words

Any improvement adding to the ease of accessibility to the users is always welcomed. Similarly this update by Twitter to provide finely tuned results is also awaiting the most as there are only a few users who have been provided with these upgraded features till now. This upgrade is expected to be rolled out to all the users in the near future. This new feature for optimized searches is well managed to help the users get refined results for the keywords that they search for along with an attractive view of search results. These upgrades will help users get a better view and enhance their experience of using this feature.

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