Anyone who has suffered in his Facebook with photo stream far from acute deficiency should be pleased with the latest Function that Face book has introduced.Recently Facebook has unlocked photo comments for all Facebook pages. While the function of some users has behaved like euphorically welcomed but site operators remained cautious. Face Book has done it for good reason, because photo comments belong to the functions that businesses should use with extreme caution and with which they can disqualify themselves wonderfully.

Facebook Comments

This may occur as exaggerated after all, for different companies on their  active pages whom are active for years  with photo but the caution is well justified. Because the use of photos in posts is something completely different than in comments.

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The companies are perceived in comments as interlocutors and facilitators. The uses of photographs can be therefore quickly frivolous or can be handy work, even during normal exchange in the comments if they tap into ongoing conversations danger of injury to the perceived privacy of the user area. For photo comments that risk is still considerably larger.

Photo comments - Careful and Targeted Usage

Photo comments are for businesses would be completely taboo? No, that would be a bit exaggerated. Photo comments can be put to good use with following:

- Context and situation justify the use of images.
- The images used are fit in the theme and an opposite text comments provide real benefits.
- It is a fun theme or trivial content is and this fits into the conversation.
- Images in the communication of the company play a major role, and the fans are accustomed their use or even appreciate.
- The statement and quality of the images to match the company.

These criteria can make use of photo comments admittedly anything but easy. This is also good because paintings can unleash an enormously powerful impact and appropriate responses both positive and negative sense. Especially in conversations that may be out emotionally, their use should therefore be treated with caution.

New challenges for community managers

However, the active use of photo comments is only one aspect of the new function. They are equally important for companies and website operators, however, it has done some impact on the moderation and community management. Because fans photo comments are depending on the community andon active usage.

Images and their motives are a matter of taste and can trigger discussions that have nothing to do with the subject of the page.The deletion of photo comments is therefore more critical than deleting written comments.Dealing with images that are indeed fun and entertaining,can hurt privacy of other users,thatcan be extremely difficult.

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The latter point is especially relevant when individuals who are mapped against their will or without their knowledge on photographic images comments. The accusation is then in many cases probably go to the site operator and company and not to the user who posted the comment.

Moderators and community managers are well advised their comment policies adapt to the new Photo Comments and run through possible scenarios. Only with good preparation and a lot of tact and empathy Photo Comments can be useful and widely used and can be easily moderated by company.


AmberGlatz is a constant technical writer who has been traveling the WORLD via Social Media and very passionate about technical writing. She is working at Algomatik as a SMM expert.


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