The length of time you’ve given to assess your Facebook page is too much and you don’t think you're benefiting from the most up-to-date functions of Facebook. Well you need to take time out on a regular basis to audit their own page as well as make sure they are not losing out on fresh opportunities.

facebook page up to date

Improve your cover image

Take advantage of the recent relaxation of the restrictions on what you can display on yourcover image. You can put up your web address, your business mission on your cover page. Only make sure thetext comprises no more than 20% of the image area. Design a creative cover image to lure people to read your page.

Improve Your Profile Image

This represents you whenever you post and it is the first thing users notice about you as they sift through their news feed. Put up your logo or your product as a good business practice. Every picture you put will be sized down to 160 x 160 pixels. For example, McDonalds may put their M which is brand image. Put up a square image for best results.

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Analyze Your Thumbnails

Your thumbnails appear below your cover image and are linked to the apps you use. You get to have three tab apps that are ever visible to profile visitors and you can also utilize this to lead to to your website or brand. Use simple, specific thumbnails to grab attention

How much should you use tab apps?

As much as possible, because, these apps increase engagement on your Page. They are interactive and visually appealing. They can be used to publicize open contests and ongoing deals. Put up a tab app that leads to your e-newsletter’s mailing list.
The most important tabs should be visible first.

Put up a concise description

Use a very short description below the cover image and the profile image to outline a precise statement about your business and provide the link to your website.
This can be changed or updated by using the Edit Settings option in your admin panel, and clicking Short Description under Basic Information. The website link should be seen in this description.

Analyze and improve your ‘About’ section

Now complete the ‘About’ area, and all the subsections such as Company Overview, Description, General Information and Mission. The area should contain the important keywords, as it is indexed by search engine. Put accurate and complete information. This way you will be optimized for the search engine results. Add your detailed address so that you appear in localized search too.

Use a ‘hip’ Facebook URL

The Facebook URL can be made trendier by removing the set of numbers in it and instead utilizing acustom username! This can be done by selecting a name with letters or numbers but no dashes, etc. be wise! The
URL can only be edited once.
This helps people find your business easily on Facebook, and the customized URL is an essential marketing tool.

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