Web-based seminars are a key marketing tool for B2B and B2C businesses, large and small. A 2012 study by ON24 found the average webcast captured 433 participants. Webinars can assist in increasing your client base, introducing new features and educating your current customers on the ins and outs of your product.


Why Webinars?

It can be costly to travel and support live events. A webinar can offer you the benefits of being in different places without the hassle of travel itself. If you have customers in both New York and California, making the trek to both those states would take up time and money. That money could be saved by setting up a webinar for both your New York and California customers in one workshop.
Additionally, think about your customers' needs. They might find it more practical in their busy schedules to register for a two-hour seminar in the comfort of their homes or offices, rather than meet at a specific site. Two hours are easy to spare, but an entire day is hard to give up. Webinars offer both you and the customer a convenient way to meet and explore your product. And for customers who aren't able to see the webinar immediately, they're easy to save to a free online storage account for people to view anywhere, any time on any device.


Tips for Determining Webinar Content

According to VerticalResponse, 85 percent of companies create webinars to inform customers about their products, and 77 percent do so to create a lead generation. The first step in creating a useful webinar is determining the content you will display during your session. Before you set up your webinar, find out what your customers need. Sending out surveys or quick and easy polls via email is a good way to get a pulse on what information you can provide to your customers. If you are looking to generate a new customer base, entice them with the opportunity to learn about cool, innovative features your product offers. Similarly, if you want to engage with your current customer base, offer a Q-and-A session in which customers can come to you with concerns or ideas, making their input an important part of your business.


Organizing a Webinar is Easy

If this is your first time offering a webinar, do not fret. Organizing a quality workshop is painless. You should make your presentation about 30-60 minutes, as ON24’s study found that average viewing time for participants was 53 minutes. You want to make sure you retain your audience throughout your presentation. It is important to choose reliable hardware and software for your webinar, as you do not want to lose your audience due to poor connection, audio, etc. There are a variety of options to choose from and many offer capabilities to chat live, which can enable your participants to ask questions in real time.
Use software that is accessible from a mobile device so customers can access your content from wherever they are. Finally, you want to keep the energy flowing throughout your presentation, so engage your audience by building in ample opportunities for participation. Integrate polls and surveys within your presentation, encouraging even the shyest members to contribute.


Generating Optimum Registrants

Once you have determined content and organized the details of your webinar, make sure you are driving customers to register. Employ all the best practices to ensure participation. ON24’s study found the best mixture for optimum participation is an 80 percent to 20 percent mix between sending emails and connecting through social media.
Begin sending out emails advertising keynote speakers and problems you will address at least a week before your webinar date, and then a final email the day before your webinar airs. This practice can increase viewership by at least 36 percent. Another important factor to consider is timing your webinar to be convenient for all participants. If your viewers are U.S.-based, pick a time that is good for both East and West coasters. The last thing you want to do is choose a time that does not work for a specific group, alienating them from the opportunity to participate.


Finish by Promoting Your Product

Encourage participants to connect with you on Facebook or Twitter and keep the dialogue going, even after the webinar is over. The purpose of your webinar should not get lost at the end. You want to make sure you generate loyal customers to remain with your business and keep your current customers confident in your product. Follow up and use feedback to create an even more user-friendly, exciting presentation for the future. Finally, use the information you generate through your webinar to update your website and offer promotions that are tailored to the needs of your customers.


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