Do you think posts are automatically getting shared on your timeline. Someone sends you friends request saying that they find your profile interesting and want to be friends with you. Have you received messages like “Facebook will be shut down for one day, wow it is amazing. Well many of us have encountered such posts. There has been a rise in social spam and in the past 6 months it has increased upto whopping 355 percent.
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When we hear the word spam the first thing that clicks in our mind is spam mail that directly gets into Spam Box. But when considering social media it is of great concern. This is mainly due to increasing spam content on Facebook, Twitter and other social media. Recently a survey conducted by Nexgate found that the increase is up to 355 percent.

The thing of concern is that these spam’s do not get blocked by spam mechanism available on social networking sites. When talking about emails the spam messages are one to one type while on social media they are one to many type i.e same can gets posted on all the people’s timeline in your friends list.  The spammers attack a community by accessing your account for sharing and posting on others wall on your behalf.

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Survey shows that marketing sector has severally suffered by spam posts. This is causing a negative effect on ROI (Return on Investment) when it comes to social media marketing. This has also affected company’s brand image in negative way. 20 percent spam apps have been found out on this brands social media accounts. Survey says, Youtube and Facebook are favourite among spammers.

Text and Link, Like jacking, Social Bots, Fake Account and Spam Apps are some of the means for spreading spam’s. So watch out for spam apps and posts because they may contain URL link to illegal contents, Malware or other spam sites. Your Privacy can be compromised. So keep an close eye on spam contain and stay out of trouble.  

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