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With the increasing trend of social media sites, people have started making their own identity my making profiles on the social media sites. But it is obvious all you find on the social sites are not the real ones. They make the different profile changing the name and other bio information for any reason and make totally a new identity. There are 1000’s of people to sign up on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn everyday on average. Instagram have even entered the social media market from some months and also the trend to buy Instagram followers is increasing for marketing purpose.  We all come across so may profile and friend's suggestion and we might think whether the person is real or fake. Fake profile makers are so very common these days. With your smartness you can make out whether it is real or fake. In this article, I will show you the steps and signs on how to spot the fake profiles.

1. Facebook

As we know, Facebook is the largest social media site and most of our friends and relatives are found here. According to survey more than 10% of the profiles are found to be fake. You can easily get to know by following steps.

1. Profile Picture:

If the profile don not show their own pic or any family or friend, there are chances to be fake. It surely cannot be said that it is fake because some might not keep their photo due to privacy issues.

2. Timeline:

If there are no genuine updates, likes or comments, it might be a fake profile.

3. Pages: 

Facebook is all about sharing your likes and interest. Check whether they profile is completed by liking different pages or interested pages.

Moreover, if you have common friends contact your friend whether he/ she know that person or not. Look into all these properties and you will surely come to know, whether it is a real person or the fake one.

2. Twitter

Twitter- it is the second most social media platform. It is all about followers and following others. A question may be how to know and follow the profile whether it is fake or genuine.

Follow the steps below to know:

1. Egghead: 

If the display picture is Egghead, there are chances to be a fake profile. But as discussed in Facebook, it may not be even a fake as some do not put their pic as a part of security.


Check the no. Of followers of the profile. Fake profile persons do not have their followers. They may not be tweeting regularly also they do not get attached to others around. This also can be a probability of being fake.

3. Celebrities: 

Twitter is mostly used to follow the celebrities and receive their daily tweets. Most of the celebs have their other faked profile made. You can easily know by checking their followers. The original one will be having the highest followers and tweets.

3. LinkedIn

LinkedIn is the biggest social networking site for the professional occupation. Every year the LinkedIn members are increasing. People start making the profile writing about the education qualification, business, job, etc. So how to make friends or find out which one are fake here in LinkedIn. It’s easy to determine. Read the points mentioned below.

Lower case in name and surname
Profiles lined with so many groups
Fake profile picture
Popular names like Jacksmith, Joe, Jhonson, etc.. No such rule of names in the real LinkedIn profiles

Below are the points mentioned to get ideas and finding out the odds or fake profiles. You can surely report to the networking site if you are harassed or it seems unsafe or improper information in the profile.

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