Facebook is trying hard to attract new Users when there has been considerable drop in facebook’s user base. In the past facebook has added many features in its list to attract new users. Facebook started News Feed, Paper App, Trending Topics and other add on features, but all of it seems to go in vein.  The problem is that Facebook is doing well in new user registration but facebook seems to lose its edge with old users. Well, facebook has not given up. Not yet!

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Most of us now use facebook just for uploading our photos or sharing post. Chatting is no more an option on facebook with Whats App on the play. We don’t spend time on facebook anymore. Most of the Posts on facebook go unnoticed or people simply read synopsis. Seldom had we read complete post. Facebook is planning to encourage users to read news updates by providing an option to save the posts for later reading.

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Facebook has incorporated “Read it later” button into News Feed menu. This feature is currently in beta testing phase. This feature provides facility to read the saved feed at a later stage. The page will be bookmarked in your browser and will be later available for reading. In the past facebook bought a small company named “Spool” and soon after that the efforts were started to develop “Feed’s Save” feature for mobile app. But the save feature never became commercial.

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Keeping the failure at bay Facebook has taken a fresh start to develop Save feature for news feed allowing user to read posts at later instance. The new button will be placed below “Like”
 Button. When clicking on this button will save the feed in User’s Saved Section in the form of shortcut, displayed at the left corner of the Navigation Sidebar on Homepage. The shortcut menu will show the site’s headline, link, image, share button and user who uploaded the post. Best part is that saved feeds can also be read “offline”.

The new Reader feature provides the facility to save not only news feed but also videos and photos. For reading the saved feed users will have to log on to their facebook account and Saved Feeds option on the left side of their Homepage. This will give facebook an opportunity to increase the count of visitors.

If this feature is ever incorporated it will benefit News website. As users will be directed to these websites via Facebook and eventually will help facebook to expand its business. Many other social networking sites already provide “Read it Later” service to their users. If Facebook starts this service it will be added to the likes of Twitter, Pocket, Instapaper, Safari Readinglist. Let's see if Facebook’s “Read it Later” feature attracts Users or proves to be another dull feature.

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