Reset Facebook Account without Losing Friends : How!

Facebook has turned out to be an essential social media platform for many years. Millions of people have been getting benefits from Facebook in different ways. It performs various roles in human lives, such as a source of entertainment, shopping, information (related to anything), travel, or much more. Sometimes, Facebook users need to reset their Facebook account, reasons may vary. They want to know whether or not they can reset their Facebook account without losing any data, such as friends, etc. This is one of the interesting things to know.

It depends on what they want to reset in their Facebook account like password, settings, or anything else. Resetting a password does not affect your contact lists at all. It means that one can reset their Facebook password without losing friends.

Reset Facebook Account without Losing Friends

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Resetting Facebook Settings

Adjusting the Facebook settings gives you a chance to get a customized user experience that works for you, as well as your business. Once you make changes in your Facebook settings, the chances are more, where you may receive an array of notifications or miss out on some posts on your Timeline. At that time, some fine-tuning may be required. Undoubtedly, there is no magic ‘Reset’ option available on Facebook that restores all types of settings to default.

One can methodically reset the Facebook account and privacy settings to alter the way the website manages notifications, privacy, apps, and other features used every day. Resetting such settings does not impact your friends in any manner. You would not lose friends at all. Check out how you can reset Facebook settings, which is detailed below:

  • Open your Facebook account by logging into it and then go to the gear-shaped icon in the upper right corner. Here, choose either ‘Privacy settings’ or ‘Account settings’ by accessing the drop-down list. Use the tabs available on the left-side column of the resulting page so that you can reset your preferences.
  • Making changes to settings like name, username, and networks can be done by selecting the ‘General’ tab. Most of such settings can be changed one or two times throughout the life of your account.
  • Choose the ‘Security’ tab, if you want to enable/disable settings like login approvals, notifications, and also app passwords.
  • How and who can find you on Facebook, can also be changed by going to the ‘Privacy,’ ‘Blocking,’ and ‘Timeline and Tagging’ settings. By using these settings, you can also change how others can communicate with you.
  • The ‘Apps’ tab will reset the app preferences, you and other members on Facebook use.
  • If you wish to reset your preferences regarding the notifications of your activity, then use the ‘Notifications’ and ‘Mobile’ tabs.

Resetting your Facebook Account Password

When you have problems logging into the Facebook account as you might have forgotten the password, then resetting it is an option to go with. For that, visit the ‘Find your Account Page.’ Further, you are required to enter the email, full name/username, or mobile number linked to your account, then click on the ‘Search’ option and after that, proceed with on-screen instructions.

Resetting any of these settings will not change your friends’ list.

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